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Finally Fitness That Fits Your Busy Lifestyle!

Like so many of us, life can be a constant juggling act—between work, family, and self-care. Welcome to a fitness journey that truly understands you, guided by a supportive community that empowers you.

Break Free From The Stress of Going to a Gym,
And Get Back in Shape on Your Own Terms 
Anytime, Anywhere

 Online Classes 

Discover Your Personal Fitness Oasis Through The OX1 Online Training Program

Become a part of the OX1 Community and unveil a healthier, more confident version of you. Whether it's a quick home workout or a sweat session during a getaway, your OX1 companions are right there with you. 

The OX1 Training System is not just exercise equipment; it is part of your fitness community. Together they are your keys to empowerment, shedding weight, toning muscle, and enjoying a full-body workout, anytime, anywhere.

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The OX1 Impact

Elevate Your Fitness Journey with Community
It's More Than Just a Resistance Band set.

Introducing the OX1 Training System

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all fitness and hello to a journey that celebrates you. With OX1, it's not just about breaking a sweat; it's about breaking down barriers together.

The OX1 Stacker is a newly patented-designed all-in-one harness that transforms into 3 individual fitness products. The OX1 Stacker can be placed on the feet, waist or used as your personal handles. The Stacker gives you a simple, safe and effective way to create resistance during your Abdominal, Legs, Chest, and Arms workout.