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Stacker Muscle Group Excercises

Choose Your Muscle Group

Below you will find the suggested the equipment and body part. Simply click the muscle group icon to see suggested excercise.

Stacker Vertical Leg Raise (on captains chair).gif
Stacker Dumbbell Dip.gif
Stacker Dumbbell Dip.gif
Stacker Dumbbell Standing Biceps Curl.gif
Stacker Dumbbell Pull ups.gif
Stacker Dumbbell Leg Extension.gif
hanging knees

Weighted Hanging Knee Raise

It is one of the best abs exercises that activate the entire core by working out not just your lower abs but also the upper abdominal muscles. It helps in improving stability in your shoulders and the upper back. It assists in building your forearms and challenges your grip strength.



The Tricep extension is a single-joint exercise that targets the triceps, the muscles on the back of your upper arm. Benefits of the Tricep extension exercise include its isolation effect, convenience and variety. Although a basic exercise that only involves extending the elbow, the Tricep extension has many variations so you won’t get bored with the exercise.


Weighted Pull-Ups

Grip strength is often times overlooked as a benefit but it can be of great added-value in terms of overall pulling strength. This is possible as weighted pull-ups increase strength in several muscle areas such as your forearms, back and biceps.


Weighted Dips

Weighted dips are a great exercise for training your chest, triceps, shoulders and core muscles. When performed correctly, they can add pounds of muscle to your upper body and also improve your strength for other exercises such as bench presses and military presses


Weighted Curls

The advantage of weighted pull ups for biceps is that they are a compound exercise which is more effective then bicep isolation exercises such as bicep curls for stimulating muscle growth.

Weighted Leg Extension

leg extension

Leg Extensions focuses on strengthening the quad alone and, therefore, strengthens key attachments for the knee joint at the same time. Other leg exercises, such as squats, step-ups and leg presses, work the quadriceps, but the hamstrings, calves or glute muscles assist the during the movement

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