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The Only Equipment You'll Ever Need!





What's Included With Your OX1 

The OX1 Stacker is a newly patented-designed all-in-one harness that transforms into 3 individual fitness products. The OX1 Stacker can be placed on the feet, waist or used as your personal handles. The Stacker gives you a simple, safe and effective way to create resistance during your Abdominal, Legs, Chest, and Arms workout.

Founder of Longlife Athletics & Creator of the OX1 Training System


Marlon Long

I have lived a blessed and interesting life. Constantly requiring me to be in the best shape possible. From being a champion Golden Gloves boxer, medaling in the national Taekwondo championships, playing college football to a personal bodyguard and trainer to world-renowned celebrities such as Celine Dion, Mary J Blige. Along the way I decided I needed to take my fitness needs into my own hands and after years of testing and tinkering I created the OX1.

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 The OX1 is designed to bring your workout to the next level, providing a full-body workout without the need for a large collection of dumbbells or a barbell and plates.

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Increase your strength, build muscle and endurance. All with the OX1


Fun and effective fitness options at your fingertips

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Enhance athletic performance, with weighted sports specific movements

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Low impact workout help to reduce the load on joints, and minimize potential of further injury

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