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Welcome To Longlife Athletics

So, You Wanted To Take Your Fitness Career To The Next Level

Lets Start Building Your OX1 Business Today


As an OX1 trainer, you can create programs for all fitness levels, set your schedule, and charge your own rates, all through the Longlife Athletics website.

  • Join a supportive community of like-minded trainers and fitness enthusiasts

  • Eliminate the need for bulky equipment or gym space to run your classes

  • Benefit from the advertising Longlife Athletics does to promote our live and on-demand services

  • Make additional income from referrals 

  • Stream your classes around the world

Take advantage of this innovative system and and grow your fitness business by plugging into the OX1 network and hosting your own online classes for users worldwide. The OX1 Training System is a revolution in versatility, providing up to 320 lbs of resistance in a portable 6 lbs carrying case.


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