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Get Back To Yourself Again With The
OX1 Training System

 Improving the function of your joints, & muscles, are essential to long-term recovery

Make Your Clinic Work Your Home Work

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  • Allows for  targeted movements to aid in rehabilitation and stability 

  • Provides a low-impact workout, reducing stress on joints and minimizing
    the risk of further injury during rehabilitation


The OX1 Training System includes an assist tool to help with resistance band placement, making it easier for those with limited mobility to use the system. 

Rehabilitation Ben - Made with Clipchamp

Perfect For Home
Or Physio

  • Provides a full-body workout in a compact and portable system, allowing for easy use at home or in a rehabilitation setting

  • Can be used to mimic sport-specific movements, allowing for functional rehabilitation and return to sport-specific activities.


Kim Started Her OX1 Rehab Training From A Chair, And She Became One Of Our Strongest Members In The OX1 Family 

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 The OX1 is designed to bring your workout to the next level, providing a full-body workout without the need for a large collection of dumbbells or a barbell and plates.

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Fun and effective fitness options at your fingertips


Increase your strength, build muscle and endurance. All with the OX1

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Enhance athletic performance, with weighted sports specific movements

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