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The decision to start Longlife Athletics was born after encountering the same problems in my over 30 years of training. It wasn’t a situation where we sat down and said, hey, let's start a fitness accessory business.  The vision for this unique new product to address the problem I was having came directly from being tired of wasting time at the gym on the dip rack, and doing 4 or 5 sets of 20 to 30 knee raises. All just to feel like the Abs were getting the proper workout. It amazed and annoyed me that the athletic marketplace provided nothing to address this problem, other than to hurt my feet holding a 40 or 50-pound dumbbell between them. Scuffing up my runners wasn’t too great a feeling either.

For months we searched for products designed to make working out more efficient, and effective — but all to no avail. We decided to create a product designed to satisfy what was most important for my needs, something that would be simple but more effective to help me build a more powerful core and abs. The result of staying true to this vision is called The Stacker. 


After the first month of using The Stacker at home and the gym, my girlfriend laughed and said “It’s amazing how many people watch you when you are using The Stacker!” People started asking, “what, why, and how” about this new unusual piece of equipment. All of a sudden I was spending half of my workout time explaining the “what’s, whys, and hows” and letting them try out the Stacker. At least 80% of those who used it wanted to know where they could buy it. From there I pushed myself to see what else could we do with our creation. through more testing and development eventually, we landed at the full OX1 training system as you know it. And the rest is history as they say...


Meet The Team


LongLife Athletics Founder & Inventor of the OX1

Marlon Long

I am the founder of Longlife Athletics and the creator of the OX1 Training System. I’ve won the Golden Gloves in boxing. Medaled in the national Taekwondo championships. And received a scholarship to play college football in the US. I’ve also coached football, and basketball, and trained UFC fighters, and I’ve been a personal bodyguard and trainer to world-renowned celebrities such as Celine Dion, Mary J Blige, James Caan, Aidan Quinn.

Project Manager, BACC

Madeleine Voyer

I had the privilege to see the OX1 evolve from a thought to an amazing training tool. I have a bachelor degree in business and I'm a certified personal trainer as well as a TRX instructor. I've studied the fitness industry and contributed in bringing the OX1 to the fitness market. I've trained all my life, from classical ballet to boxing, basically practicing or trying every sport you can imagine, some for fun, some for competing. Today, I am also the head trainer for the OX1 training system because from the beginning of the OX1 journey, I knew this was a revolutionary fitness tool. It’s versatility is incredible.


Sports Science

Dr. Perry Koziris

I was attracted to LongLife Athletics by the opportunity to participate in OX1's development, providing scientific and educational support for this innovative system. I've taught a large array of university courses (McGill, Penn State, North Texas), mentored students, and authored research studies contributing to numerous peer-reviewed publications. As an exercise physiologist at the Institut National du Sport du Québec, I supported Canadian Olympic and Paralympic athletes, leading to a panoply of international podium finishes. As an industry consultant, personal trainer, and S&C coach, I have successfully assisted clients across a spectrum of conditions and goals in health, fitness, and performance.

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