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Explore Your Training Options


Online Classes

Join the OX1 community and discover your best self.

  • Get fit and have fun with the OX1 online community

  • Join a supportive community of like-minded individuals

  • Workout from anywhere 


Sports Specific Training 

Enhancing your athletic performance with the OX1 training system by:

  • Training sports-specific movements with resistance!

  • Safely and efficiently becoming  stronger and more explosive

  •  Targeting the specific areas you need to improve

Home Of The

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Strength Training

Build muscle and endurance by adding the OX1 to your fitness routine.

  • Train at home, outside or use the OX1 to take your gym workouts up a notch

  • Push past training plateaus by training your weak point

  • 320 lbs of resistance in a 6lb case

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The OX1 will give you a fun, dynamic, and effective training experience that helps you get back to your best self.

  • Gentle, yet effective rehabilitation workouts

  • Regain your strength, freedom, and mobility

  • Train at your own pace, easily increasing the resistance as you get stronger

Workout Wherever & Whenever
You Want With The OX1

Get a Full-Body Workout without
the need for a collection of dumbbells & heavy equipment

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