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Your Perfect Progressive Overload Trainer Whether you're at the gym, home, or on the go, The OX1 dynamically adjusts intensity throughout your weakest and strongest points of your reps, optimizing your gains in strength and muscle mass.

Hit All Muscle Groups






The OX1 Is Your Go-To Travel Fitness Solution

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What Exactly Is The OX1 Training System?

Redefine what's possible with The OX1 Your ultimate fitness companion. No more bulky equipment, no more need to go to the gym everyday. The OX1 is the game-changer you've been waiting for, designed to fit into your life and supercharge your workouts.

The OX1 Stacker is a newly patented-designed all-in-one harness that transforms into 3 individual fitness products. The OX1 Stacker can be placed on the feet, waist or used as your personal handles. The Stacker gives you a simple, safe and effective way to create resistance during your Abdominal, Legs, Chest, and Arms workout.

30% OFF for the FIRST 200 Customers

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(Regular Price $189.99)

Grab Your Now For Just $132.99


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What The Experts Say

"This newly design training tool can replace weight training and is much easier on the joints than heavy weight.”

Professor Nigel Scantlebury | Thaijujitsu, MMA andself- defense fighting system

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The OX1 Training System Was Built For Your Fitness Needs



Ideal for Adding Progressive Overload in the Gym

Push your limits by gradually increasing resistance from 15 to 320 lbs, optimizing muscle growth and strength


Perfect for Those Days You Can't Make It To The Gym

No gym? No problem! OX1 is your at-home solution for those days when a gym visit isn't feasible.


Train the Weakest Point in Your Rep and Dramatically Increase Your Strength

Focus on strengthening those weak spots in your repetitions, leading to overall enhanced muscle power.


Your Perfect Travel Gym

Whether you're on a business trip or vacation, OX1 ensures you can maintain your fitness routine.


Enables You to Perform Resisted Sports Movements, Enhancing Athletic Performance

Beyond just gym workouts, OX1 lets you simulate sports movements with resistance, taking your athletic skills to a higher level.


Helps Prevent Injury

By promoting proper form and balanced muscle development, OX1 reduces the risk of strains and other injuries.


Improves Joint Stability

Strengthening the muscles around your joints enhances their stability, reducing the risk of dislocations or other joint issues.

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Stacker Cable Seated Crunches.gif
Stacker Vertical Leg Raise and hang (on parallel bars).gif
Stacker Dumbbell Pull ups.gif

30% OFF for the FIRST 200 Customers

Added BONUS: 1 Month FREE Training

(Regular Price $189.99)

Grab Your Now For Just $132.99


How OX1 Is Different From Other Training Systems?

The OX1 functions as its own complete fitness system. But, its pieces can also be used separately to enhance your current gym or fitness routines!


The Perfect Assist Trainer

Pull-Up's, Dips, Muscle-Up's, you name it. The OX1 is perfect for working your way up slowly and safely. Making more difficult exercises more achievable for different strength levels. A feature not found in other brands.

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Use The Stacker As a Weight Belt

The OX1 has a built in weight lifting belt in the stacker. The core of the OX1 can be used on its own as a support device for heavy lifting just the way your typical weight belt is used.

Add Weight To Suspended Core Exercises

Customize resistance for more targeted muscle engagement.


Emphasis on Lower Body Strength

The OX1 comes with thigh and ankle attachments. Making it great for lower body as well as allowing you to target the quads and glutes with added resistance.

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Portability at its Best

Whether you're traveling, at the beach, or just shifting from one room to another, you can take it anywhere anytime. The entire system is only 6 lbs and extremely portable.

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Adapt It To Your Current Routine Seamlessly

Imagine adding upper body resistance training to any simple cardio. Like cycling, walking, jogging, hiking, etc. A rare feature that integrates cardio with resistance training

And Much More….

What Our Customers Are Saying?

With Limited-Time Offers And Exclusive Bonuses, There's No Better Time Than Now To Invest In Yourself.

30% OFF for the FIRST 200 Customers

Added BONUS: 1 Month FREE Training


(Regular Price $189.99)

Grab Your Now For Just $132.99


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